i'm bethany i am a tall queer feminist person


*fully embraces wine mom culture at age 19*

haha oh my god what is it with men feeling so entitled to women !!! to our time and space and conversation and politeness god
if you come up to me in public and ask for my number, whatever. that on its own is fine. but if i say no, that MEANS no! you don’t get to talk at me for fifteen minutes about how you “picked me out of the crowd” and how i look “so special” to you!! i’m not obligated to give you my number dude, and no, i don’t want yours either - and fyi, when a girl has massive headphones on and is reading something on her phone, that usually means “don’t talk to me”. i’m just waiting for my bus, i’m tired and cold and i don’t need you backing me into this tiny corner (literally!) to repeatedly ask me the same thing, and make me feel bad when i say no.
this probably sounds like such a tiny thing but it happens all the time and it’s getting more and more frustrating/
i’m seriously considering making a t-shirt that says “men: don’t talk to me!” in flashing neon lights because i’m starting to think that is the ONLY way i’ll be able to get my point across

anyway, i figured that when i got on the bus i’d be okay, but whoops - i forgot that i’m a lone woman in a public space at night. so, nah

this very obviously drunk guy gets on, comes over and literally sits on me, which is like…what? over the next hour he alternated between sleeping on my shoulder and on my lap, but not without trying to feel me up in between, of course!
and the thing is that he tried to make me feel like the bad guy for not responding positively to this !!! like, wow !!!
dude, i don’t know you, and you expect me to, what, smile at you when you start groping my boobs, butt, legs, and trying to get at my vagina through my jeans ????? i would have had every right to punch you in the fucking face, but all i did was make an annoyed expression & firmly move your hands away - and that was enough for you to turn around and say “alright bitch, calm down”
i wish i’d told him straight up to fuck off but he came across as very aggressive from the second he got on the bus, and setting off an aggressor is nooooot a good idea bc you can never be sure how far they’ll go

basically i’m absolutely fucking FUMING but hey, what’s new


me too

i’m in mcdonalds at 1am using their wifi and they’re playing evanescence this feels very strange

as a sidenote, why is it only unhealthy food places that have free wifi ?? i’m gonna be obese soon from all the starbucks/costa/krispykremes/mcdonalds i’ve felt obligated to buy while scrounging internet


new and innovative idea: movies where forty-year-old men have forty-year-old love interests instead of twenty-year-old love interests